Freqently Asked Questions

1. General Enquiries

| - Monday to Friday 1.00pm - 7.00pm (School Academic Term) - Monday to Friday 7.00am - 7.00pm (School Holiday)

  • Yes, the centre’s fee are still payable when the child is absent as the child’s name is maintained in the class register and a place is reserved for the child until he/she returns
  • Payment of fees is discontinued only after child has withdrawn from centre
  • Additional surcharge for each full day will be collected weekly. For any further enquiries, please contact The Champs Academy.

2. What services does The Champs Academy offer?

  • Student Care (After school care)
  • Tuition and Enrichment

3. Student Care Programme

  • Healthy Meals (Lunch and tea breaks) – Fruits day will be on every Wednesday
  • Warm shower facilities
  • Homework supervision
  • Spelling and dictation coverage
  • Additional assessment supervision
  • Character building programme
  • Rest and relax reading areas
  • Occasional outdoor activities
  • A teacher: student ratio of 1:12 ensures small group focus
  • A teacher will be present to ensure child to declare all school works are done. If child needs guidance he/she may approach the teacher on duty.
  • School necessities (Water bottle/Stationeries/Textbooks etc.)
  • A clean set of home clothes, bath towel, plastic bags for soiled clothing

4. Tuition Services

Teachers will either be NIE trained, MOE registered - full time teachers, full time tutors with years of experience.

  • There will be no deposit required, no material fees and no registration fees
  • There will be a discount given for second and subsequent subject per child
  • Each student will be given a tuition file to keep all tuition materials together
  • Per monthly service charges entitles 4 sessions only. No classes will be conducted on the 5th week unless unforeseen circumstances.

5. Registration & Enrolment Procedures

  • Contact the centre to enquire if there are still vacancies for your child or simply Fill in your details on our Contact Page.
  • You are required to come down to the centre for registration we do not accept registration by telephone.
  • Students are to be of age 7 -14 only
  • Enrolment are based on first-come-first- service and subject to availability of vacancies
  • Parents' photocopied NRIC
  • Child's birth certificate
  • Cash
  • Cross Cheque Payable to The Champs Academy or
  • Interbank transfer
  • One month’s written notice served on the first day of the month. Failing which, deposit will not be refunded.

6. SCFA Subsidy Scheme

  • Singaporean/ Singaporean PR
  • Gross household monthly income not more than $3,500
  • Both parents must be working regularly
  • Single- parents must produce proof of status

Complete an application form available at the centre with the following documents:

  • Last 3 months pay slips of working parents
  • Child’s applicant’s photocopied birth certificate
  • Parents’ photocopied NRIC
  • Child's Siblings photocopied birth certificate
  • Any other relevant official documentation to support applications